State FA's to increase brightness of floodlights

Johor FA have already begun works to increase the brightness of floodlights at the Larkin Stadium, while Sabah FA are hoping to have it settled as soon as possible
Almost 15 Malaysian State FA's were told to buck up the quality of floodlights in their stadium, or risk playing their 2013 matches in the evening. This was after FAM conducted a test in all these stadiums, identfying 15 locations that failed to meet the 1,000lux requirement.

Nevertheless, several state FA's have already kick started the process of increasing the quality of floodlights in the respective stadiums, including Johor FA and Sabah FA.

The floodlights at the Larkin Stadium, which will be the home ground for Darul Takzim FC next year, is currently rated as 800lux, which is short of FAM's requirements.

Nonetheless, Johor Youth and Sports Community chairman Jais Sardy believes that the upgrading work will be done in time for the Malaysian Super League kick off in January

"Currently, Larkin Stadium is fitted with 800lux floodlights, while FAM requirement is 1,000lux," he told New Straits Times.

"I think some of the lights were blown when the visit was conducted... we have about a month before the season starts and our home ground will be ready by then. In fact, workers are already doing repair works as we speak," he added.

Meanwhile, Sabah FA are keen on solving this issue as soon as possible before the season kick starts in January. It is evident that playing evening matches would result in lower gate collections, something that they are planning to avoid.

"We will take another look at the floodlights and hope to see a minimum illumination reading of 1,000lux," he said.

"If it does not match the requirements, we will have to find a solution as soon as possible. Worse come to worst, we will have to play evening matches, although that is something we would like to avoid," he added.