Kelantan believe in their strength to retain all titles

Kelantan are confident that they still have the strength to challenge for all three titles, despite losing key players
Kelantan Football Associaton (KAFA) believes that The Red Warriors are more than capable of retaining their three titles as they are still strong in all aspects ahead of the Malaysian League 2013.

Nasir Hamzah, the assistant treasurer of KAFA, said that despite players having left Kelantan, it does not affect the strength and preparations of the team. He also stressed that Kelantan has signed players to replace those who have left, including imported players.

On the new arrivals he said, "They will balance the team out, and I am confident that it will make Kelantan better than ever, thus strengthen our chance to retain all three titles."

The new faces that join The Red Warriors for next season are Zairo Annuar Zailaini and Mohd Faiz Subri (T-Team), K Nanthakumar (Perak), Mohd Haris Safwan Md Kamal (Johor FC) and two imported players, Dimitrios Pertratos and Lek Kcira (from Australia and Croatia respectively).

These new players are to replace the players that left which are Norshahrul Idlan, Mohd Nurul Azwan Roya, Muhammad Ramzul Zahini Adenan, Azlam Ismail and S Chanturu.