Shebby Singh wants Kim Swee to be given a chance

The Blackburn Rovers’ director of football believes Harimau Muda coach Ong Kim Swee is good enough to be the national team coach of Malaysia

Former national team captain Serbegeth Singh has tipped Harimau Muda’s Ong Kim Swee to replace Datuk K.Rajagopal as Malaysia’s head coach, following the Malayan Tigers’ failure to defend the AFF Suzuki Cup title.

Singh, better known as Shebby to local football fans, is convinced the time has come for Kim Swee to step out of Rajagopal’s shadows and lead the national team.

“It’s time for Kim Swee to be given a greater responsibility,” Shebby told Harian Metro.

“He’s familiar enough with our development system and if given the chance, he can combine players of two generations and put together a really strong team. But the problem is who can replace him as the Harimau Muda coach?”

However, Shebby was also quick to remind that Rajagopal’s hardwork in shaping the team must not be swept aside because of what happened in the Suzuki Cup.

“He’s done a lot and took us to a new level. Maybe he should be made the technical advisor - the one that oversees the whole system including the youth squad,” concluded the director of football of Blackburn Rovers.


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