Football fan’s disrespectful tweet upsets Safiq

An unpleasant reply to the posting of a picture on the social networking site drew Harimau Malaya captain Safiq Rahim into an exchange of words with a fan

National skipper Safiq Rahim got involved in a minor Twitter spat with a Malaysian football fan on Friday, after the fan sent him an abusive message.

The fan, who seemed unhappy with Safiq’s decision to post a picture of the national team’s arrival at Pulau Pangkor for a two-day vacation, replied in Bahasa Malaysia to voice out his disappointment.

This angered Safiq and the 25-year-old made his feelings known to the male fan by requesting him to be more respectful when tweeting.

“Please watch your language. I’m not your servant,” tweeted Safiq.

The fan then asked Safiq to just use his message as motivation and wished him luck for the future.

The spat ended with Safiq tweeting: “Good that you can use proper language now. Anyway, thank you.”


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