Sacked Terengganu players dismiss allegations of misconduct

Muslim Ahmad and Ismail Faruqi plead their innocence over allegations of breaking team rules after a league match last week and demand an apology from coach Peter Butler

Ousted Terengganu players Muslim Ahmad and Ismail Faruqi Asha’ri have vehemently denied the allegations that they broke a team curfew and brought girls back to their hotel room after the game against Kedah in Alor Setar on Tuesday.

On Thursday, coach Peter Butler declared that both the players will never play for him again after breaking team rules.

According to Ismail Faruqi, 25, he plans to take legal action against the two newspapers who published the news.

"We are now frowned upon by the society, and I had to contact a lawyer to discuss the legal action to be taken to clear my name," he told Harian Metro.

The Kuala Terengganu-born player, who recently got married, said Butler was nowhere near his room at the time the incident allegedly took place.

"We were said to have brought girls in at 3 am, but Butler was not there at the time and he certainly got the information from a third party.

"The hotel had closed circuit television (CCTV) and if they examine the tape, the truth will prevail," added Ismail.

Muslim, 23, said he came back to the room quite late at night but he was not accompanied by a girl.

“I did go out late but that was only to buy some Panadol (aspirin) for Ismail who was having a fever,” he said.

"Such news affects my image as I am still single and I do not know what effect it will have on Ismail, who had just got married."

Both the players now want the matter corrected and Butler to apologize to them.