Lions coach V.Sundramoorthy: This is the best performance out of the seven games

The Singapore side's coach was pleased with the team's impressive performance against Negeri Sembilan resulting in a 3-1 win
The LionsXII team displayed excellent form against their visitors from Negeri Sembilan, resulting in a 3-1 win at their homeground at Jalan Besar stadium.

When asked about this exceptional display, Lions coach Sundramoorthy attributed this to the fact that he had a full squad present.

 “When you have the full team without suspension you can put up a performance like this,” retorted the coach.

“It's a long season but it's about time, it is about getting together and working hard to get the results.”

The coach had made a big and unprecedented change to the customary starting line-up, having swapped Agu Casmir for Sufian Anuar.

“I made the right decision in putting Sufian up front, he showed so much fire during training,” teased Sundramoorthy.

“He had the fire, and he assisted two goals so what more can I ask for?”

While the home team conceded a lone goal in the last moment of the game, it does not faze the coach.

“I think we switched off in the last 10 minutes of the game, we were a little sloppy in giving away the ball, and when the corner kick was taken we were not organized in the box. I think that is the main reason we conceded the goal.

“After watching the video over, I am sure the boys will understand that the match is only over after injury time, and that they need to focus for the full ninety minutes.”

Having said that he attests to the fact that this has been the team’s “best performance out of the seven games”.

“I believe that we should get better if Shahdan Sulaiman and Sufian Anuar maintain their game fitness and remain free from injury,” he added.

“The boys are peaking step by step and I hope we can keep the momentum going.”

Even though Isa Halim is suspended for the next game, if the Lions team manage to keep up the teamwork and tenacity displayed throughout tonight’s game, the Singapore team should be in very good standing at the end of the season.