Casemiro: Neymar & I have a great rivalry

The Real Madrid midfielder has a long history of on-field battles with the Barcelona sensation, but insists the two remain good friends
Real Madrid midfielder Casemiro has revealed the great rivalry he shares with new Barcelona signing Neymar, which stretches back to their days in Brazil.

The two 21-year-old’s first came head to head in junior competitions in Sao Paulo hand they have both succeeded have progressed to the top of the world game.

Despite the pair usually being on opposing sides - aside from time spent playing for Brazil - Casemiro explains there is no bad blood between the duo.

"This is definitely the stuff dreams are made of," Casemiro told "We’ve even been joking around about it. We’ve been playing against each other our whole lives.

"It’s cool to have such a healthy friendship off the pitch with a player that you’ve taken on so many times. Over and above the rivalry we have, he’s a great friend of mine."

Casemiro also insisted he will not be overawed by playing for a club the size of Real Madrid, suggesting that his experiences playing in his home country and for the Selecao have allowed him to adjust with ease.

"Of course it’s a dream to play for Real Madrid, but, thanks to the experience I got playing for Sao Paulo and Brazil, I don’t think I am too overwhelmed by it."