Herrera: I want to play for Athletic Bilbao for a 'long time'

The 22-year-old midfielder says he hopes to play for the Liga club for the foreseeable future following his arrival at the Sam Mames in 2011

Athletic Bilbao midfielder Ander Herrera says he wants to play for the club for a "long time" to come.

The 22-year-old joined the side in 2011 and, after just a year at the Sam Mames, says he is now ready to commit his long-term future to the La Liga side.

“I'm very happy in Bilbao. Playing here you realise what it means to be in the club. I’m in no hurry, I want to play here for a long time," he told UEFA.com.

"I want to enjoy the club. Also, we have a debt to our people," he added.

Despite his short time with Los Leones, the midfielder says he has a clear idea over the principles of the Bilbao side.

"It's a feeling that passes from generation to generation. It is a very special club for my philosophy," he said.

"The fan feels totally identified with the players because we are all in the area, we have been raised in the same places as them.

“I'll stick with the atmosphere of Bilbao, and the feeling that you could do something big,” he added.