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Miroslav Klose finally netted his 16th World Cup goal to set a new goalscoring record in the FIFA World Cup

When it comes to football, more often than not its about your fitness and ability to sustain a certain degree of form and tempo. And nobody can take anything away from Miroslav Klose, who continues to perform at the highest level despite being 36 years old.

But he came into this World Cup with two missions. First and foremost, to play a significant part in helping Germany seize the World Cup on Brazillian soil. But beyond that, there was an avenue for him to forever engrave his name into the history books by becoming the highest goalscorer in the history of the World Cup. He came into the tournament on 14 strikes, one behind the Brazilian Ronaldo, and after scoring in the group stages, he was on equal terms with the Phenomenon.

Coming into the semi finals, there was a certain degree of pressure, but none of this involved the record because that was always secondary to winning the game. But when the Germans actually kicked into full gear, they began ripping the Brazilian defence apart with relentless attacks on the break. That determination eventually led to them scoring the opening goal via Thomas Muller on the 11th minute mark.

But just 12 minutes later, history was made. Yet another perfectly executed attack from the Germans led to a scramble in the Brazilian penalty box, and Miroslav Klose depicted immense predatory instincts to fire home from close range; officially breaking the record set by Ronaldo, to now become the highest goalscorer in the history of the World Cup.

It was an incredible way to do it as well, doubling your nations lead in the World Cup semi finals against the host nation. And Klose's achievement wasn't something trivial either, it was the testament to what professionalism and athleticism is. So much so that even the Brazillian fans applauded his goal, knowing that it was the mark of a truly great player.

And though the game ended up with goals galore, Miroslav Klose's record breaking moment certainly stood out as Gillette's Moment of Steel from this game.