Man of the Match: JDT 2-2 Pahang

Luciano Figueroa performed admirably despite Johor DT conceding a late goal to draw 2-2 against Pahang

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Luciano Figueroa
JDT 2-2 Pahang
Minutes Played 90
Match Report

For the second successive meetings between Johor Darul Ta'zim and Pahang, it finished with a draw. That wasn't the only outcome that was the same as Luciano Figueroa also got his name on the scoresheet for this match.

The Argentine was in his element in this match. Figueroa was constantly on the move and this meant that neither Zesh Rehman nor Damion Stewart knew whether to stick or twist. His well honed ball control skills enabled the former Birmingham striker to receive the ball in tight areas and keep hold of possession.

One aspect of JDT's game that was worth noting was Figueroa's combination with Pereyra Dias. Being from the same country of origin and the abilitiy to speak the same language, it is not hard to predict a partnership that is constantly improving but also one that is able to produce the required output.

Dani Guiza may have been a bigger name but Figueroa might just edge the impact to JDT that the former could have done during his time here.