Man of the Match: Selangor 4-1 Maziya

Lanky Afiq Azmi gives his coach Mehmet Durakovic the good headache

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Afiq Azmi
Selangor 4-1 Maziya
Minutes Played 90
Match Report

Paulo Rangel grabs all the headlines once again, displaying an almost virtuoso performance in terms of finishing. Maziya had no chance against the in-form Brazilian but another player deserves his time in the limelight.

Afiq Azmi may not have scored any of the four goals that Selangor plundered in against the hapless Maldives side but he deserved praise for his performance.

Not often used by Mehmet Durakovic because of the form of Rangel, Afiq had to sit on the sidelines more often than he hoped for. Given his height, Afiq is always thought of to be a target man and someone who is the focal point of the attack. However, his performance tonight tells a different story.

Rangel played further forward than Afiq, who constantly had to drop off into space in the midfield or out wide, to receive the ball and make space for his team mates. Afiq did that job superbly, Maziya defenders didn’t know whether to follow him or to stay put.

Afiq’s ball control has improved compared to what we saw last season. The former Kelantan forward was able to protect the ball when the situation called for it and his decision making on where to pass to, meant that Selangor did not needlessly concede possession.

Rangel will remain first choice as long as he’s fit but in Afiq, Mehmet may have the alternative plan or Plan B ready and in place.