Man of the Match: Arema 1-0 Selangor

Arema's Argentinian midfielder shone brightest against The Red Giants

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Gustavo Lopez
Arema 1-0 Selangor
Goals 1
Minutes Played 90
Match Report

One midfielder did well to stem the visitors' attacks from high up, to earn Arema the win and qualification.

Of course his more obvious contribution is his penalty goal that gave Arema their only goal that led to their 1-0 win over Selangor and qualification to the second round of the 2014 AFC Cup, but Gustavo's less-visible yet more important contribution was in taking out Selangor striker Paulo Rangel out of the equation altogether.

The Argentine guarded the Brazilian closely throughout the match, making him ineffective. And Selangor, who are getting even more dependent on Rangel this season to get the goals, were left practically impotent without him in Malang.