Goal Malaysia readers agree with Ultras Malaya protest

An overwhelming majority of Goal Malaysia readers believe that the Ultras Malaya did the right thing by organising their very visceral, fiery and vocal protest

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Despite being lambasted by the FAM-friendly local media for protesting and causing a disruption during the friendly match between Malaysia and the Philippines, our poll of our readers' decisions yielded the opposite majority opinion.

84.8% (945) of the respondents answered that they did the right thing, whereas only 15.2% (169) respondents said that they had gone overboard in their protest.

This in a way reflects the public response over the protest, as most fans of Malaysian football agree that FAM have failed to improve the level of Malaysian football over the years, and that FAM itself needs to be reformed and revamped.

The question now is whether FAM will listen to the protest and take heed of fans' demands, and if they won't, will the ultras take the protest outside of the stadium, to the FAM HQ in Kelana Jaya? For your information, the FAM congress, when the election for the FAM key posts is held, is scheduled to be held sometime this year.