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Do the means justify the end, for the now-vilified Ultras Malaya?

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The friendly match between Malaysia and Philippines on Saturday was marred by an eight-minute match disruption by the Ultras Malaya.

The usually vocal and rabid group of Malaysian fans were unusually silent in the first 30 minutes of the match, only to light flares, throw smoke grenades onto the track, and sing songs criticising the Malaysian FA (FAM), particularly the President for taking Malaysian football into the doldrums in his 30 year reign, after the initial silence.
It has since surfaced that they did so due to the fact that the FAM executive committee will be holding their elections this year, and they are pressuring for the current president; Sultan Ahmad Shah to not be elected again this time around by the same committee. And this action was taken with the cooperation of the dissenting fan movement; 'Presiden FAM Sila Letak Jawatan' (PFSLJ).
However, their actions had been criticised by certain sections of Malaysian supporters and the media. Even the Youth and Sports Minister of Malaysia; Khairy Jamaluddin, the highest sports authority that they could call their ally, got in on it, calling their actions "excessive".


Now it's time for you; the fans of Malaysian football, the most numerous stakeholders of Malaysian football to give your verdict. Did Ultras Malaya go overboard with their fiery yet disruptive protest during last Saturday's friendly?

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Did Ultras Malaya go overboard with their anti-FAM protest?