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The Football Association of Malaysia have decided to award a 3-0 victory to JDT after T-Team refused to play the 2nd half in Larkin last week. Is the decision a fair one?

After a controversial week in Malaysian football, FAM arrived to a conclusion regarding the fracas that took place in the FA Cup clash between JDT and T-Team at Larkin last week. They have awarded a 3-0 victory to JDT, which also effectively dumps T-Team out of the competition.

However, the debate doesn't end here. In fact, it has elevated after the ruling from FAM, with some branding it as an unfair decision.

The clash initially started on the touchline with T-Team fitness coach Stefano and JDT head coach Cesare Ferrando both being embroiled in a verbal outburst on the touchline. However, T-Team claimed that two of their personnels were physically hit at as the fracas grew inside the tunnel.

According to them, Stefano was kicked in the groin, while their foreign player Evaldo Goncalves was punched in the face by a Johor FA official, causing bleeding in his nose. Thus, they decided to not continue the second half, citing security concerns as the excuse behind it.

But as far as Johor DT are concerned, they claim that no physical hostility took place inside the tunnel, while also putting the blame on Stefano for provoking the verbal altercation that happened between him and Cesare Ferrando at the touchline.

Logically speaking, it is absolutely crucial for any team to respect the game beyond anything and there is certainly a case to made for T-Team to have resumed the second half at Larkin. After all, the integrity of the game has to be put on a higher pedestal. But at the same time, T-Team's security concerns are indeed understandable if the incidents that they claimed happened inside the tunnel were true.

So we pose you the question. Do you think FAM's decision to punish T-Team is justified? Or do you think that they should have been given a respite here?


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