Transfer News: Red Giants and Red Warriors to resolve ownership of Nazri Ahmad amicably

Selangor and Kelantan to settle ownership of Nazri Ahmad, Negeri Sembilan close to finalising 2014 squad


Bernama today revealed that the Jangs have completed the signing of three foreign players. They are former Geylang United captain Jozef Kaplan, South Korean Kim Jin Ryong, and their own former player Jean Effa Owona. In an announcement made by Negeri Sembilan FA president Mohamad Hasan, he also added that they are looking to sign one more foreign player to complete their quota. Hasan also confirmed former Lions XII head coach V. Sundramoorthy as Negeri Sembilan's new coach, and the signing of several more local players; K. Nanthakumar (Kelantan), M. Sivakumar (Perak), Nizam Bakar, Sumardi Hajalan (Sabah), Shoufiq Husaini and Dzaiddin Zainudin (T-Team), on top of five of their President's Cup youth players who have been promoted into the senior team.



The situation between Selangor and Kelantan in the matter of former JDT I defender Nazri Ahmad's signing seems to be heading towards the right direction; reported Sinar Harian. The daily was told by Selangor FA (FAS) secretary general Rosman Ibrahim that FAS has received a formal letter from the Kelantan FA (KAFA) requesting the matter be resolved amicably. He also added that it is also FAS' intention for the issue to be ended without complications for both teams and the player himself.
Nazri earlier caused a controversy when he signed for the Red Warriors, after allegedly having already signed a contract to play for the Red Giants for the 2014 season. FAS then responded by announcing that they would take the matter to FAM. 

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