Goal Malaysia readers pick Arsenal as the club for Lewandowski

A two-day poll revealed that 41 per cent of Goal readers think Arsenal are the club that require the services of Robert Lewandowski.

Borussia Dortmund’s Robert Lewandowski should join Arsenal if he ever joins an English club.

At least that is what 41 per cent of Goal Malaysia readers are thinking.

The 25-year-old recently made a statement claiming that his supposed ‘closed deal’ with Bayern Munich for the summer is in fact, not set in stone.

On top of that, the Polish striker highlighted that he would one day revel in the possibility of playing in the English Premier League.

He said: “I will be able to sign a contract [with any club] in January but I have never said that I will sign a contract with Bayern.”

Lewandowski was also in meetings with ex-Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson as well as with Sam Allardyce who tried to court him to sign for Blackburn at that time.

“It is true I had an opportunity to speak with Sir Alex Ferguson [last year] but we didn't mention the transfer. I even spoke with the former manager [Sam Allardyce]. In the end, I decided that Dortmund gave me a better chance of development as a footballer,” Lewandowski added.

Twenty-six per cent of Goal Malaysia readers also picked Chelsea for the BVB man while 24 per cent suggested Manchester United.

Tottenham and Manchester City had some mention but it was clear that not many Goal fans fancy Lewandowski with those clubs.

Lewandowski’s contract with Borussia Dortmund will expire at the end of the current season.