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Wan Zack Haikal has been very good throughout the Merdeka Tournament and he is indeed Goal's Man of the Match for the Merdeka Cup final and the competition's MVP


Wan Zack Haikal
Malaysia U23 2-0 Myanmar U23
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The Player of the Tournament is also GOAL's Man of the Match for the Merdeka Cup final. Wan Zack Haikal has been very good throughout the tournament and this time, has the added accolade of performing in the showpiece match of the tournament.

Now plying his trade in the Japanese third division, Wan Zack displayed his growing maturity. If previously, he looked very raw and consistently tried to take on his opponent in every single situation, he's much more calm now.

There was never any doubt about Wan Zack's talents but no one can survive in football on talent alone. Wan Zack has learned to mix his game up and thus makes him less predictable to the opponent. In some way, one can say that he has matured into a real team player.

Yesterday, it was his desire to drive forward that created the opening goal for Rozaimi Rahman. With a short back lift, Wan Zack was able to generate huge power on his shot which made it hard for the Myanmar keeper to handle.

It wasn't just his trickery on the ball and wing-play that Wan Zack has in his arsenal. He has also evolved by being less static. His movements are hard to predict and he doesn't hug the touchline as much as he used to. He comes into the middle more and more to try and influence the game.

The sign of maturity also showed in his defensive side of things. Never allowed K. Reuben to be double-teamed by the Burmese players, Wan Zack was constantly aware of the forward runs of Myanmar's left back.

Next target for Wan Zack is to get minutes with Ryukyu and help Malaysia retain the SEA Games gold medal.