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More sophisticated styles of street football were seen on Match Day 2 of TSF’s Mongolia leg as local teams learn a good lesson

Despite a sudden hit of an early autumn chill at the Drama Theatre Square in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia’s first ever Tiger Street Football (TSF) international tournament did not fail to gain heat on Match Day 2.

Four international teams - AJFD (Spain), Big 1 Sports 99 (Thailand), Touch & Go (Singapore) and Manchester Futsal Club (England) - joined in on 12-minute non-stop battles with the top four teams from Saturday’s national tournament. While Continental maintained the pride of the local teams by reaching the final, a more well-prepared Manchester Futsal Club claimed the first championship of TSF's Mongolia leg.

AJFD from Spain were considered a strong contender of the championship. When asked about their object for this tournament before their first game, Fernando Cueto Garcia declared to Goal that “it’s always wining because we’re Spain.”

They won all three games in the group stage to reach the semifinal. Facing Continental, the local team which came in second place on Match Day 1, the technically superior AJFD was ahead by 5-1 but would later be overwhelmed by the fanatical local fans.

Continental, meanwhile, seemed to be the comeback kings of the tournament. After a crowd-boiling run of 6-6 till the last minute. They claimed a spot in the final by a last-minute penalty.

AJFD’s striker, Alberto Marquez Rodriguez argued with the referee after the final whistle but the result was settled.

In the other group, it was less dramatic. Big 1 Sports 99 from Thailand made the biggest scoreline of the day's tournament with a 12-0 win over Shildeg in the group stage. But they were beaten by 3-6 in the semifinal by the more strategically sophisticated Manchester Futsal.

Manchester futsal went on to win 6-0 in a one-sided final with Continental, while AJFD lost to Big 1 Sports 99 in the third-place final.

Saturday’s champion, Inter FC, did not qualify from the group stage.

Manchester Futsal Club might have won the Championship, but the deafening crowd in each of the local teams' matches remain the most impressive parts of the tournament.

“We wanted to get bigger,” said Lester Tan, the Executive Director of Mongolian Beverages Ltd, while highlighting that football is becoming a good sport for competitive Mongolian people.

“Hopefully the skills will match the spirits one day,” he added.

The next leg of the Tiger Street Football will be held in Guangzhou, China on September 21 and 22.