Man of the Match: Fulham 1-3 Arsenal

The workhorse in Aaron Ramsey this past week has made him Goal's choice for Man of the Match when he guided Arsenal to 3-1 at Fulham

Fulham 1-3 Arsenal
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For Arsenal fans, yesterday's result brought a huge relief. It was the team's second consecutive away win after the midweek's win at Fenerbache in the Champions League qualifier. One particular player has been crucial in both matches and in particular, yesterday at Craven Cottage.

Aaron Ramsey has made a lot of critics swallow their words with his energetic performances towards the tail-end of last season and the beginning of this. Without Mikel Arteta and Jack Wilshere alongside him, Ramsey has to assume the deepest lying midfield role for this Fulham match.

With the more attacking nature of the duo in Tomas Rosicky and Santi Cazorla in a three-man midfield, Ramsey had to curb his attacking instinct. Even then, the Welshman was instrumental in Arsenal's opening goal. It was his shot from outside the penalty box that deflected kindly onto the path of Olivier Giroud that allowed the Frenchman to score.

However, having gotten a yellow card as early as the 21st minute, Ramsey had to ensure that he has to be more careful with his tackling and decision making. To which he did it with aplomb, never giving the referee an opportunity to show him a second yellow.

Ramsey is showing more control in his game and higher awareness of his surroundings. When he just returned from his long layoff due to his horrific injury suffered at the hands of one Ryan Shawcross, he looked slower in his decision making.

It takes a while for the natural instinct to kick back in and his recent performances have shown that he’s moving in the right direction. Ramsey tends to bid his time to move the ball on but compared to before when he does get caught dwelling in possession, now he manages to keep hold of possession despite being in control of the ball longer than he should be.

Finally, Ramsey is beginning to show his true capability after that leg-break, albeit in a deeper role than he was known for at Cardiff City. Santo Cazorla and Theo Walcott were instrumental in their performances but will have to stand aside for Ramsey for this time.