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Arsenal fan Ooi Kin Fai believes that Arsene Wenger will need to splash the cash in January or risk departing the Emirates next summer

As far as Arsenal are concerned, the week that was turned out in the worst possible manner.  The win against West Bromwich Albion could not give the team the boost it needed to qualify for the semi final of the Capital one Cup. The loss to Bradford in the quarter final stage was compounded by the fact that probably for the first time against lower league opposition (that semi final against Ipswich a sole exception), that Arsene Wenger fielded an entire line-up of first teamers. We are our worst enemies sometimes and this loss to a League Two side proved just that.

It isn’t the case that Bradford rode their luck and managed to hold the game to penalties and won on that. They play superbly and coupled with our own below par performance, we’ve got no right to deny Bradford the plaudits. When it comes to penalties, there is a big element of luck affiliated with it and it can go either way. That’s not where my biggest concern was. The worry is how we performed against a side that is 60 plus places below us in the league pyramid during the 120 minutes of the game.

We’ve seen our fair share of lacklustre performances over the years and this match stood right at the pinnacle of it. It was abject and indefensible. Another one of those times where the team played the game expecting the other team to roll over because we’re “a big team”. I cannot fathom how many more examples that the team need to realise that every game starts with both sides at 0-0. Whatever quality or star players that we have, doesn’t matter when there is no application. There needs to be a desire and effort working hand in hand in order to win any game. That part was nonexistent in our game.

Many would see this as the one competition in which Arsenal could finally end the trophy drought, which probably makes the defeat even harder to stomach. Even Wenger’s team selection suggested as much. That we are desperate to get the trophy monkey off our back and build on it. Something which the manager failed to consider when he told the press pack during the Reading pre-match press conference that Arsenal should only be judged on our performances in the Premier League, Champions League and FA Cup.

Some journalist said that Wenger went ballistic at the team during half time of the Bradford game. Apparently, it was so loud that you can hear it from behind the wall. What we saw was an improved second half and extra time performance but still no where close to what the team is capable of. Is it a case of the players no longer responding to the manager’s instruction/motivation/anger? When a dressing room is lost, one party needs to go. I’ve never an entire squad being cleared out before (not in the Premier League anyway) so there’s the other option.

I for one, does not want to see the journey with Wenger ending this way. What he has brought to the club is incomparable and deserves a better end to the story. With Wenger so engrained in the fabric of the club, if and when the decision comes, it will be on his own accord. Mind you, despite many believing that he has lost the plot, there will still be many clubs queuing up for his service, should he decide to go. That said, I do not believe that the club will make the change in mid season.

The January transfer window that is coming up will be interesting. Wenger is the type of person that think for the current as well as the future. Knowing the balance available in our coffers, if he must spend big in order to recover and put our season back on the right track. If he doesn’t, then it says to me that he is leaving the ammunition for the next person. Arsenal are in need of new addition to put a spring in our steps. I’m still willing Wenger to make the purchases, and not the next manager.


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