Goal.Com takes a look at two footballers who were the foundation of Europe’s elite club, both father and son

In lieu of Father's day celebration, Goal.Com highlights the tale of Cesare & Paolo Maldini

There is a local saying that goes like this, “Bapak borek, anak rintik”. It basically means how a son often takes in his father’s footsteps, be it a noble or appalling thing. In the case of Italian football legend Paolo Maldini, following in daddy’s boots made him the man he is today, an iconic legend for both club and country.

The Maldini revolution in AC Milan begun on September 19, 1954 when Cesare Maldini first strapped on the famous Rossoneri jersey. A stylish defender with an elegant touch and unnerving composure, Cesare was a rock in Milan’s defense and won his first UEFA Champions league as a skipper in 1963. He went on to make 347 appearances for the club, and won four Serie A titles with the Italian giants.

Fast forward 20 years later, a handsome young man almost an exact clone of Cesare made his debut for AC Milan against Udinese at the tender age of 16. His name was Paolo Madini. Junior Maldini emulated and then eclipsed his father’s achievements to become one of the most successful player’s in the club’s history. A centre-back and captain just like his dad, Paolo Maldini demonstrated similar traits to Cesare and went on to make almost 800 appearances for AC Milan, winning five UEFA Champions League trophies as well as seven league titles.

Father and son joined forces in the 1998 World Cup, with Cesare Maldini the head coach of Italy and son Paolo the captain. Their dream partnership didn’t work out so well, as Italy were knocked out by France in the quarter-finals on penalties.

But one thing was evident, both Maldini’s possessed leadership qualities and were hugely respected by fellow team-mates and fans. Paolo inherited the nickname “II Capitano” (The Captain), just like how his father was given the moniker during his glory days

While not everyone can emulate the Maldini’s football success, a father should be a role model for his children. No father is perfect and you may retaliate with some of their decisions, but a father only makes choices for their kids out of love. Being the head of the household is no easy task, a father has to slog throughout his life to make sure his family has food on the table and give his kids the best education possible.

So even if you didn’t follow in the footsteps of your father, at least make an effort to wish your old man this Father’s Day. Tell him you cherish him for all the sacrifices he’s done for you, and that you will take off him until the day he leaves this world.

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