Goal.Com takes a look at some mothers who have impacted their footballer sons

In lieu of Parents' Day celebration, Goal.Com highlights the tale of two mothers and their stalwart kids, who are perhaps the most talked about footballers on the planet
Behind every successful man is a woman, behind every footballer is his mother. This adage applies in every context to footballers, but current world football have been highlighting the glamour and glitz of WAGS in the beautiful game so much that mothers, who are often the foundation of these players are sometimes forgotten.In lieu with Mother’s Day celebration, Goal.Com highlights the tale of two mothers and their stalwart kids, who are perhaps the most talked about footballers on the planet.

Mario Balotelli has lived up to the bad boy tag quite exceptionally, his short stint with Manchester City so far has been nothing short of controversial.  But not many people know of the struggles that ‘Super Mario’ endured as a child. Abandoned at the age of two by his Ghanaian birth parents, Mario was adopted by the Balotellis, a white Italian family and he has ever since taken up their surname and regarded them as his biological parents.

But blood always runs thicker than water, as Mario Balotelli’s birth mom Rose Barwuah recently proved by moving into a rented property in Manchester in attempt to reconcile with her long lost son.  At first the Italian hothead refused to acknowledge her presence, but any son holds some sort of affection towards his mom and Mario finally listened to his heart and met up with his long lost birth mother.

The Manchester City striker has been spotted visiting Rose in her apartment and taking her out for drinks in bid to recapture the long lost bond and rekindle the old memories, how short it may be.

It’s in a mother nature to be overprotective of her son, especially when it comes to women their son dates and Lionel Messi’s mom was no different. Celia Cuccittini wasn’t too pleased when supermodel Macarena Lemos tried to date her Argentine whizkid son; she presumed Ms. Lemos was like any other gold-digger, eager to bask in her son’s fame and fortune.

What followed next was hilarious to say the least. Mama Messi stalked poor Macarena around with a telephone and a frying pan and when the young girl turned around to discover her stalker, Celia had only these words for Macarena, ‘Stay Away From My Son!’

Both mothers showed their affection in contrasting ways, Rose Barwuah just wanted to feel the motherly bond that was long lost with Mario Balotelli while Celia Cuccittini cut a lioness figure, protecting her young cub from a potential poacher.

If there is one thing that is permanent in a footballer’s life, it is none other than a mother’s love. Fame, form and wealth is only temporary because even if a player fades into obscurity after his glory days his mom will remember him for the son she truly loves instead of the great player he once was.

Here’s wishing all mothers a Happy Parents' Day.  It doesn’t matter if you are footballer or not, in your mother’s eyes you will always be her shining star.

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