Fan Speak: Why are Liverpool FC a Cup team?

Liverpool fan Li Ming pens his thoughts on yet another dismal season in the League for the Reds coupled with a strong cup run
by Li Ming | Malaysia

It's been a season of many near misses for Liverpool FC. On one hand, they haven't met their initial target of Champions League football, but on the other, we are headed for the Cup double in the form of the FA Cup and the Carling Cup.

So why can't Liverpool FC replicate their cup form in the League? After all, the Reds do indeed command an almost 100% win record in the cups this season (bar the one draw against Man City at the Anfield earlier on in the season). It has been a much maligned trait of Liverpool this season, and it's frustrating to see Liverpool come up short due to attacking profligacy and defensive lapses.

The way I view the current situation with Liverpool, it is either we place too much importance in the cups, unlike most teams, or the other teams simply don't care about the cups. Liverpool's problems on many occasions this season has been in the motivational department, as rest assured, given the big occasion like a Merseyside derby or even a huge match-up against Manchester United, this Liverpool team can perform. It's against teams such as Norwich, Wigan and co. that we shouldn't be dropping points against.
I am personally of the belief that if Liverpool had picked up those precious points, the reds would definitely be able to clinch (at least) 3rd place in the Premier League, as this Liverpool team (ability wise) has been the best Liverpool team since the year that Rafael Benitez inspired the Reds to a second placed finish in the Premier League a few years back. But at least we are showing a lot of signs of encouragement.
Our big, lanky Englishman in Andy Carroll, as he has finally been given a run of games and he has found form in the two consecutive starts he has had, rewarding Kenny Dalglish with two goals against opponents in the form of Blackburn Rovers and Merseyside rivals Everton.
The Liverpool owners in the form of John W Henry and Tom Werner have already invested a lot of money in the likes of Jordan Henderson, Andy Carroll, Stewart Downing and even Luis Suarez, and I'm sure that they will actually be hoping to see results in the league to reach the Champions League and the income that comes with it.
The fans, much like myself still view priorities in an almost inverted triangle to the triangle that the Liverpool FC players and staff alike have. Liverpool simply play much better in the cups, much to the Liverpool fans' dismay, as they will still be hoping to return to Champions League football, with Liverpool fans chanting the chorus to "You'll Never Walk Alone" on those famous Champions League nights.
Kenny Dalglish needs to find a way to whip his boys up to shape and realize that the excuse that his side is playing a huge amount of matches over a short time span isn't going to cut it anymore. I know talks of Kenny Dalglish leaving is utterly premature, but should Liverpool not even challenge for that 4th spot next year, it would be when I would seriously contemplate the Scotsman's future as a manager. He needs more time, and he needs to maintain the full trust of the owners.
The way is up.