Goal Predicts: Arsenal 1-1 Liverpool, Newcastle 0-2 Chelsea, Everton 1-1 Tottenham

We put our necks on the line with our match predictions for this weekend's Premier League fixtures!
Luis Suarez to Arsenal was one of the biggest ‘will he, won’t he’ debates of last summer.

Arsene Wenger wanted him, the fans longed him to join - but Brendan Rodgers stuck to his guns.

"Nah, Luis. It’s not happening, mate."

Not a direct quote but something along those lines, we’d like to imagine.

Suarez will line up for Liverpool at the Emirates on Saturday alongside strike partner Daniel Sturridge and how the hosts cope with the pair will be decisive according to UK Deputy Editor, Jonathan Birchall, who takes his place in the Goal Predicts hot seat this week.

Following a derby day defeat to Sunderland, elimination from the Capital One Cup in midweek, the perfect tonic for Newcastle is … oh, hang on, it’s Chelsea up next. Oops.

That said, of the 68 league games played between these two sides on Newcastle soil, the Magpies have been victorious on 35 occasions, while Chelsea have just the 16 triumphs to their name. 

Elsewhere this weekend, David Moyes takes Manchester United to Fulham, while Tottenham get to play a team other than Hull City, and Cardiff host the Premier League’s first all-Welsh clash as Swansea City come to town. Lovely.

For all of this weekend's fixtures and predictions, not to mention where Jonathan sees the matches being won and lost, check out the video at the top of the page!