Suarez's wife tells Liverpool striker to improve his behaviour

The Reds striker's spouse often lets him know of his on-pitch transgressions after a match and he hopes that he can "play better and be a happier person" thanks to her advice
Liverpool striker Luis Suarez's wife has urged her husband to improve his on-pitch behaviour.

The Uruguayan is currently serving a 10-match ban for biting Branislav Ivanovic and has missed 25 matches at club level since November 2010 despite never having been sent off outside of international football.

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In an interview published in The Sunday Times on the very morning of the Sunday on which he bit Ivanovic, Suarez had claimed that his conduct was improving, thanks, in part, to his spouse's concerns, and he has once again insisted that he is striving to improve the way he acts on the pitch despite his most recent setback.

"My wife has made observations like: 'You were arguing with the referee and the defenders too much; you didn't really seem up for it; you might as well have not been on the pitch'," Suarez told Liverpool's official magazine.

"I go away, think about it and realise she was right. She said people must go away and think that is what I am like off the pitch, even though I'm usually relaxed and easy-going.

"Having a wife that closely watches the game is good. She knows me better than anyone else and I want her observations to help me play better and be a happier person."

Henk Veldmate, who brought Suarez to European football in 2006, stated on Wednesday that the Uruguay striker has "the mentality of a child".