Swansea midfielder Agustien banned from driving after picking up 39 points

The Dutch player's string of offences include running a red light and five cases of breaking the speed limit, failing to identify the driver on four of those occasions
Swansea midfielder Kemy Agustien has received a one-year driving ban after amassing a huge 39 points on his licence.

The 26-year-old Dutch player had six points on his record, but that was raised to high figure of 39 on Wednesday when Neath magistrates heard about a number of other offences.

Last year Agustien went over the speed limit in a 30mph zone, as well as failing to identify a driver on five other occasions taking him to 27 points over the usual banning mark of 12.

Prosecutor Linda Baker told the court: "Agustien was caught breaking the speed limit on a 30mph road.

"He also failed to provide information on who was driving his vehicle on five occasions. Four occasions related to breaking the speed limit and one to skipping a red light."

Magistrate Julie Mallinson added: "You are in an influential position. Children will be looking up to you – you need to set an example."

Aside from the driving ban, Agustien was also ordered to pay a £3,135 fine.