Swansea defender Rangel feeds the homeless

The right-back drove around the Welsh city to help those on the streets after his wife came across a bulk of sandwiches at a shop that were about to be thrown away

Swansea defender Angel Rangel has shown a side often unseen in football, after attempting to find homeless people to feed in the Welsh city.

Rangel was seen driving around Swansea in pursuit of people on the street in order to give them food in the snowy conditions.

Rangel revealed that his he and his wife had been at a sandwich chain late on Friday night, where the manager was about to throw away sandwiches before closing, before his partner intervened.

"Anyone knows the location of homeless people in Swansea? I got food going spare!," he said on Twitter.

"Thanks so much for the suggestions. It was @MI55Y_28 idea so we are driving around. Terrible to be out in this weather.

"Wow we r amazed at the amount of tweets we r receiving. Thanks a lot but it was just a little gesture we drove for only 1 hour and felt great".

Angel later stated that he did not have much look finding homeless people on the street, but was soon contacted by a local shelter.

"My wife, Nikki, who is a very caring and charitable person, asked if we could have them for the homeless rather than see them thrown in the bin", he told CNN.

"They agreed and we drove around Swansea for over an hour, but couldn't find any homeless people as it was so cold out on the streets with all the snow."