'I was doing the chicken dance' insists Sunderland fan accused of monkey chants

After being arrested on the suspicion of racially aggravated intentional harassment towards West Brom’s Romelu Lukaku, the Black Cats fan claims it is a misunderstanding
Sunderland fan Liam Jones insists he was not making a monkey gesture towards West Brom striker Romelu Lukaku during Saturday's clash between the two sides.

The fan was arrested and banned from the Stadium of Light following the game after a complaint was lodged against him for allegedly making gestures after Lukaku scored the Baggies' third goal from the penalty spot.

But Jones is adamant his actions have been misinterpreted, claiming he was actually doing a chicken dance.

“People have got it all wrong,” Liam Jones told the Sunderland Echo.

“I wasn’t doing a monkey chant, I was doing a chicken dance.

“I’m devastated people think I’m racist, I have black friends and black cousins. If I was racist, I wouldn’t pay to watch Sunderland because they have black players.”

Jones, 21, has been released on bail until January and the hierarchy at the Stadium of Light have decided to ban him until the outcome of the case, something the lifelong fan is devastated about.

“I’m absolutely gutted I can’t go to matches," he added. "I’ve been going for years. I can see where the club is coming from and I can see how the photo looks, but I want everyone to know that I am not racist.”