Belgium futsal player handed 10-game ban for 'quenelle' gesture

Omar Rahou made the salute during a goal celebration at Euro 2014, with Uefa banning him for domestic and international games, five days after Nicolas Anelka was punished by the FA
Belgium futsal player Omar Rahou has been handed a 10-game ban by Uefa after making the 'quenelle' gesture during a Futsal Euro 2014 match.

The 21-year-old made the gesture, deemed by some to be anti-Semitic, while celebrating his goal during a 6-1 loss to Romania on January 28.

A statement by Uefa read: "Just after the game, the Uefa Disciplinary Inspector conducted an investigation into the facts of this case. He concluded that the gesture has discriminatory connotations and, consequently, that the player should be punished in accordance with Article 14 of the Uefa Disciplinary Regulations (racism, other discriminatory conduct and propaganda).

"At today's [Tuesday] meeting, the Control and Disciplinary Body deemed this gesture to be in breach of Article 14 of the Disciplinary Regulations and imposed a ten-match suspension.

"This decision is open to appeal."

The ban is for 10 domestic or international games.

The 'quenelle' salute has come to prominence recently following Nicolas Anelka's goal celebration for West Brom in December, for which he was handed a five-game ban by the Football Association.