Steve Darby looks to partner up Ghaddar and Forkey with local strikers

Steve Darby is looking to mix up his striking force with both local and import players to lead their front line for 2014

It may only the first day of training for the FA Cup champions Kelantan, but new coach Steve Darby already has in mind what’s his main strikers will be for next season.

Without keeping any secrets, Darby stated that he will take a closer look at the combination of Mohammed Ghaddar and former Selangor striker Francis Forkey Doe, and see if he can partner them up with local strikers for the new season.

According to Sinar Harian, Darby said “I’ve seen how Ghaddar played two years ago and he is the kind of player with high individual skills. He managed to lose weight and he is really fit after playing for his national team. The same as Forkey Doe, as I hope he can keep scoring goals like this season. One of these two players, I will use them to play with our local striker as the rules only allowed us to play three import players in one match.”

Kelantan began their training for 2014 season without their import players as well as captain Badhri Radzi, Brendan Gan and Zairul Fitree.

“Our formation might be something that the fans would really want to know but I still have time to think about it. It doesn’t matter whether it would be 4-2-2 or 4-3-3, I’m sure the players have no problems to implement it,” he added.

Steve Darby replaced Bojan Hodak for next season as Kelantan look to defend their FA Cup trophy, as well as competing in both the Super League and Malaysia Cup.