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FAS President, Datuk Sudrasono Osman thanked all the fans and officers who ensured that the match between Sarawak and Sime Darby went on without any unnecessary incidents

Sarawak Football Association (FAS) were happy and satisfied that the 2013 Malaysia Cup quarterfinal second leg match between Sarawak and Sime Darby went on without any problems.

Its President, Datuk Sudarsono Osman, extended his gratitude to the 25,000 Sarawak supporters who were in attendence and kept the peace in Kuching.

According to Sinar Harian, Sudarsono said: "FAS are really happy that the stadium was full with supporters and it was much more meaningful when the match went on really well without any disciplinary problems.

"As an FAS representative, I would like to thank all the officers on duty, including the policemen, who made sure that Sarawak’s victory ended with no bad incidents," he added.

Sudarsono also expressed his gratitude to RTM for braodcasting the match live on television after some of the fans failed to get the tickets to catch the game at the Kuching Stadium.

Last Friday, some of the fans reacted harshly by breaking the stadium's gate when they failed to get the tickets to watch their team play, as the small stadium could only accommodate 25,000 people at once.