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Malaysian legend Datuk Shukor Salleh blames Harimau Malaya's poor FIFA rankings to the absence of international friendlies against nations, instead of club sides

Malaysian legend Datuk Shukor Salleh has voiced out his displeasure at the idea of playing friendlies against club sides, instead of countries, claiming that it remains the biggest factor behind Malaysia's low FIFA rankings.

K. Rajagopal's men played three Australian clubs sides last month and are scheduled to play against Chelsea and Barcelona soon as well.

However, Datuk Shukor believes that there will have to be a point where the Malaysia national team starts playing against superior nations regularly to improve their credentials as well as their FIFA Rankings.

"We have to understand that our FIFA ranking isn't high at the moment, and we should be identifying ways to solve this problem," Datuk Shukor told Kosmo.

"If Indonesia can arrange a friendly match against Netherlands, why can't we?

"Based on my observation, we have been playing against club sides way too much and this isn't something positive.

"How long are we going to continue playing club sides? It's all up to FAM to find a strategy and a proper direction for the Malaysian national team to head towards," he added.

Malaysia's next match will be against Thai league side, Chonburi FC on the 16th of August. Five days later, they will be taking on Chelsea at the Shah Alam Stadium.