Guardiola's built for Bayern, says Menotti

The former Barcelona boss believes that the incoming Roten coach has the right work ethic to succeed at the Allianz Arena and a track record to prove it
Pep Guardiola is built to succeed at Bayern Munich, according to former Barcelona coach Cesar Luis Menotti.

Many people have questioned whether forcing Jupp Heynckes to step aside for the Catalunya trainer was wise considering the record-breaking treble season that die Roten enjoyed in 2012-13.

The 1978 World Cup-winning Argentina coach, however, is adamant that Guardiola is the man for the job and points at his work ethic, impeccable knowledge of his own charges and track record of silverware as proof.

"[Pep's] a very German Catalan: orderly and serious," Menotti told Suddeutsche Zeitung. "He works and trains a lot. His personality fits Munich's. The place is made for him.

"To succeed, Guardiola must emotionally connect with the fans of Bayern. So that even after a loss people say, 'we lost, but look how well we played'.

"He's an obsessive technician, but this does not irritate players. Guardiola knows exactly what makes up Bayern's player - each player's shoe size, who has poor sleep, etc.

"Many ignorant coaches and idiots have won the Champions League, but winning 15 titles out of 19 in five years is something else."

Guardiola is set to take charge of the Bavarians towards the end of June with pre-season kicking into gear at the Allianz Arena shortly afterwards.