Rangers chairman Green hits back at Whyte ownership allegations

The Englishman has denied suggestions that the Glasgow club's former owner was in any way a part of his successful bid to take a controlling share back in May 2012

Rangers chairman Charles Green has rejected claims from the club's former owner Chris Whyte that he was part of the consortium which took control at Ibrox in May 2012.

Whyte recently alleged that he was a major player in the ultimately successful bid for the Glasgow outfit from Sevco, which came after he had led the Ibrox outfit into administration and liquidation.

But, after Gers boss Ally McCoist called for Green to clarify his position, the Englishman has denied Whyte's accusations in no uncertain terms.

"These are distorted and malicious allegations coming from a man who is completely discredited and now under police investigation," he wrote in an official statement.

"It must be stressed that, no matter what Mr Whyte believes, there was never any possibility of him being involved with us in the ownership of this club and there was most certainly never any intention to pay him anything.

"He claims I was his front man. He could not be more wrong. With 8%, I am the major shareholder in Rangers FC and I have no tie-in of any kind with Mr Whyte. He was never going to become an associate and never will. He has no right to any claim on Rangers FC, its shares or assets.

"It is alleged there is a letter which agrees Mr Whyte and a business partner of his, Aidan Earley, would have a majority shareholding in Sevco 5088.

"If there is, it was not signed or endorsed by me. Perhaps Mr Whyte would be good enough to send me a copy. Yes, Mr Whyte was told what he wanted to hear, but there was never any likelihood of him becoming involved again.

"If he wants to go to court we would be delighted to see him there. It is a shame Mr Whyte keeps trying to destabilise the club he very nearly destroyed.”