Debate: Is Arsenal's Jack Wilshere a world-class midfielder?

Swansea City boss Michael Laudrup claimed the 21-year-old still needs time to develop, while Arsene Wenger claims the England international is a "complete midfielder"
After producing a match-winning performance that sent Arsenal through to the fourth round of the FA Cup Jack Wilshere's display against Swansea was a stark reminder of the talent the 21-year-old has to offer.

Yet Swans manager Michael Laudrup insisted after the game that the young England international is not yet a world-class midfielder despite seeing Wilshere's sublime 20-yard volley knock his team out of the cup.

"We’re talking about a young player who had an injury coming back but I think he has a lot of potential," said Laudrup.

"You don’t want to push your young players too much. Sometimes people are a little too fast, too quick with the big words. We have to let them grow, because young players can always improve, and that goes for Jack Wilshere too.

"He has a lot of potential and can be a very, very good player. Don’t put that pressure on him.

"To be world class you need more at the highest level, We are talking about a 21-year-old and we’re already talking about him being the best."

Despite Laudrup's claim, Arsene Wenger believes Wilshere is a "complete midfielder". He told reporters: "He is a complete midfielder, he can defend and attack. He is a guy who can dribble and give a final ball - the closer he is to the goal, the better it is for him.”


So do you think Wilshere can already be labelled as a world-class midfielder? Or is it too soon? Does the Arsenal star still need time to develop? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below and on our Facebook and Twitter.