Hearts director Fedotovas urges fans to fill out Tynecastle

The director pleads with supporters again to help the club through a difficult financial time as a £450,000 winding-up order hangs over their heads with an imminent deadline
Hearts director Sergejus Fedotovas has urged fans to fill out Tynecastle in another plea for financial support with the club facing an imminent deadline over a £450,000 winding-up order.

The SPL side look set to lose up to £2 million before the end of the season but a cup run and their remaining home fixtures could provide enough income to see them through - if enough tickets are sold.

Fedotovas told the club's official website: "For the remaining 10 home league fixtures this season, if we were to achieve attendances of over 16,000 at Tynecastle then this would inject a much-needed £800,000 into the club and ensure our survival through until the end of the season.

"If we achieve a good run of sales in both the share issue and tickets in December it gives us a hope of improving our squad in January.

"It is in our power to do this and we hope that fans will continue to rally to the cause."

Fedotovas added of the response to a share issue scheme begun in October, which has so far raised around £700,000: "If we were to break through the £1m level for share sales it would be a significant step towards stabilising the club.

"We can only do this with everyone's help and that particularly includes the Edinburgh business community.

"We would like to think they will now step forward and back us as one of the city's greatest sporting institutions in order that we can continue contributing to the city both on and off the football field.

"Achieving the £1m mark will not in itself provide us with guaranteed security through until the end of the season as we will still have a financial shortfall, but it will assist us greatly in keeping the club going in the forthcoming weeks.

"Following the end of the share issue on December 19 we will be reviewing all possible options in order to address the remaining gap if the share issue is not fully subscribed. The most important task for us is to ensure we keep the club alive until next summer."