The Goal Line: Your daily dose of Euro 2012

Layla Anna-Lee brings you the latest from Poland and Ukraine, as we look back at Monday's action, while Kris Voakes and James Goldman preview the final round of Group C matches

It's day 12 of the Euros, and day 13 of The Goal Line, as we bring you all the latest from Poland and Ukraine!

We recap Monday night's matches, which saw Spain and Italy progress from Group C following their respective victories over Croatia and Republic of Ireland.

Kris Voakes previews Sweden versus France while James Goldman is on cue to take a look at the pre-match action ahead of England's crunch encounter against co-hosts Ukraine.

Everyone's favourite fowl, Kev, our psychic Chicken from Kiev, is unleashed from his Euro coop once more to predict tonight’s games.

This is the Goal Line, this is Watch and enjoy!