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AFF Championship

  • November 24, 2012
  • • 18:30
  • • Rajamangala National Stadium, Bangkok
  • Referee: Andre El Haddad

Live Commentary

  • That's all from me guys. What a wonderful AFFSC opener we have here with Myanmar surprising the spectators with a determined display. Ciao!
  • 90' + 5'
    Its all over here with a 1-1 draw from Rajamangala Stadium, Bangkok. Vietnam held by a resilient Myanmar side led by wonderkid, Kyi Lin.
  • 90' + 4'
    Final thirty seconds here with both teams going for that illusive second goal
  • 90'
    Vietnam were backing into Phyong Aung but his weak effort did not even trouble the goalkeeper
  • 89'
    A decent free kick by Thanh Luong but Tan Tai's effort was saved by Si Thu. Close shave for Myanmar
  • 88'
    Vietnam going gung ho during the last minutes of the game here with Myanmar forced to withstand the pressure
  • 86'
    On a side note, I am pretty sure that Malaysian football fans will remember Kaung SI Thu, a striker from the Myanmar U-22
  • 84'
    Even Myanmar's captain, Maung Lwin is having a go at the Vietnam defence here. His effort went straight into the hands of the goalie
  • 82'
    David Thanh drew a foul in a dangerous area here. His ensuing free kick however is nowhere near close to his team-mates
  • 80'
    SubstitutionNguyễn Trọng Hoàng Nguyễn Vũ Phong
  • 80'
    Yellow Card Au Van Hoan
  • 80'
    Myanmar's David Thanh struggling with an injury caused by Vu Phong. 50-50 ball and the Vietnam player has every right to fight for it
  • 79'
    Kyi Lin enjoying his football with yet again another shot at the Vietnamese goal. Hong Son is shouting at his defence
  • 78'
    SubstitutionYan Aung Kyaw Thet Naing
  • 77'
    Vietnam just running out of ideas and it is worrying indeed for the Golden Star fans
  • 75'
    As Myanmar grow in confidence, Vietnam must hold themselves together here
  • 73'
    What a chance again by Kyi Lin but his poor decision making caused his team there as he should have gone for a pass. Vietnam defenders intervened calmly
  • 71'
    One on one situation for Kyi Lin but his shot was saved by Hong Son as Vietnam look increasingly overwhelmed by the pressure being piled by the Myanmar forwards here
  • 68'
    SubstitutionCong Vinh Le Quang Hai Nguyen
  • 68'
    Out of nothing, Quoc Aanh conjured up a beautiful effort on the turn and his shot found the bar. Incredible strike
  • 67'
    Yellow Card Thanh Hung Phan
  • 66'
    David Thanh's long range free kick sails wide of Si Thu's goal. Vietnam can breathe a sigh of relief
  • 65'
    Vietnam so far has no answers to the young Kyi Lin here as Thanh Hung commits another foul
  • 64'
    Approaching midway of the second half with Vietnam trying to find inspiration to their play
  • 61'
    Yellow Card Kaung Si Thu
  • 61'
    Questions are being asked of Vietnam's defence here. Whatever that was said by Hsung Hwa during the break has really done Myanmar wonders
  • 59'
    Kyi Lin yet again proving to be the thorn in the VIetnam defence with strong and determined runs
  • 58'
    SubstitutionYan Paing Kaung Si Thu
  • 57'
    Shell-shocked Vietnam coming back strong as they look for another goal here
  • 54'
    Trong Hoang again causing problems to the Myanmar defence with piercing runs down the right hand side
  • 53'
    Penalty Goal Kyi Lin
  • 52'
    On the other end, Kyi Lin ever so dangerous drew a foul by Minh Duc and Myanmar awarded a penalty kick!
  • 52'
    Up steps Kyi Lin with the penalty kick and he calmly slotted home for the equalising goal. GOALLLLL!! Such great composure for a 20 year old
  • 51'
    Myanmar defence beautifully carved open by Trong Hoang's cross here but Van Hoan somehow misses the target
  • 50'
    Vietnam's dangerman, Le Cong Vinh could not find any with Myanmar applying two defenders on him!
  • 48'
    SubstitutionDao Van Phong Van Bien Nguyen
  • 48'
    Untidy start to the second half here with players from both teams committing needless fouls
  • 46'
    SubstitutionPhyo Ko Ko Thein Zaw Zaw Oo
  • 46'
    Van Phong struggling with an injury here. Looks like he pulled his hamstring.
  • 46'
    We are now kicking off for second half here. The soggy pitch is not getting any better
  • 45'
    The referee decided to call it time for the first half, with Vietnam the happier of the two sides
  • 45'
    2 minutes of added time here. Vietnam content with their lead, Myanmar must hold on
  • 44'
    Thanh Luong's delivery yet again to the near post, cleared by the defence
  • 43'
    Park Hsung Hwa will have it all to do to motivate his boys here who looked de-motivated to say the least
  • 41'
    Last four minutes of the first half with Le Tan Tai's goal being the difference between the two sides
  • 39'
    Myanmar trying to find their belief again with a patient build up. Young star, Kyi Lin busy as ever
  • 38'
    Vietnam can now afford to take a breather here until half time with patient passing display
  • 35'
    The gloomy look of Park Hsung Hwa says it all. He is disappointed with is charges
  • 34'
    Assist Thanh Luong Pham
  • 34'
    Goal Tan Tai Le
  • 34'
    GOAAAAALLLL! for Vietnam here with Tan Tai connecting well with the free kick. Delightful cross by Thanh Luong
  • 34'
    Myanmar skipper, Maung Lwin led by example at the back here with controlled aggression and composure
  • 33'
    Our Vietnam expert, Erick Bui has this to say about his team so far, "Obviously Vietnam's flank attack does not work at the moment, especially Quoc Ahn. Cong Vinh still got no supply"
  • 31'
    Players from both sides are adapting well to the pitch conditions with good passes connecting well.
  • 29'
    Winger Trong Hoang with good technique turning his marker inside out, but could not find Cong Vinh with his cross
  • 28'
    Now it is Myanmar with the confidence on the ball, passing the ball around with ease
  • 27'
    An effort by Vu Phong was well saved by the goalkeeper there
  • 26'
    Myanmar doing well with a disciplined display surprising the spectators I'm sure. Well done
  • 24'
    Free kick to Vietnam, Cong VInh's tame shot was blocked by the Myanmar defence
  • 23'
    It is too close to call here guys, with both Myanmar and Vietnam attacking back and forth
  • 21'
    A long long effort by Van Hoan there not finding the target
  • 20'
    Free kick in dangerous position here, Lin Oo's good delivery was fumbled by Vietnam custodian. He gratefully clutched the loos ball to his chest
  • 19'
    A long pass not connecting for Vietnam with Traong Hong failing to control it
  • 17'
    Mazy determined run from Kyi Lin created havoc to Vietnam defence with Yan Paing nearly connecting to the cross
  • 16'
    Myanmar slowly but surely finding their footing through the strong Yan Paing
  • 15'
    Powerful Myanmar striker, Yan Paing causing Vietnam defence to force a double marking system
  • 13'
    Wonderful play yet again by Vietnam. Crisp short passes finding their targets on this testing pitch
  • 12'
    Vietnam spraying the play nicely here and dictating much of the play with Myanmar still chasing their own shadows
  • 11'
    Dead ball specialist, Tan Tai with a dangerous in-swinging corner which the goalkeeper struggled to control
  • 10'
    Free kick to Vietnam after a foul to Tan Tai. Cong Vinh with a strong header but it was blocked by the defence
  • 9'
    The rain is still pouring down here and both teams struggling to find their rhythm in this harsh weather
  • 7'
    Good strike there by Myanmar's Lin Oo which had Vietnamese custodian, Hong Son at full stretch
  • 5'
    Quoc Anh wreaking havoc at the Myanmar defence with mazy runs and his cross was met by a wild shot by Van Hoan. Mazy runs.
  • 4'
    Aung Khaw pressuring the Vietnam defence to no avail here. The condition of the pitch is not good to say the least
  • 2'
    Cong Ving full of running but he could not get anywhere close to the long pass by his team-mate
  • 1'
    Thanh Luong with the game's first shot here. Diminutive Vietnam starting the game with real intent
  • 1'
    No more delays, the match has now kicked off guys! Vietnam will attack from right to left
  • Expect Le Cong Vinh to cause problems to Park Hsung Hwa's boys here
  • A tropical storm hit the stadium right before the game was to kick off. The stadium experienced two short blackouts. Interesting stuff here from Rajamangala Stadium
  • Welcome to's coverage of the AFF Suzuki Cup matches! This is Falah Abdullah of Goal Malaysia @alfalahabdullah. We're awaiting kick-off for the Vietnam vs Myanmar match. Both teams are on the field and the national anthems are playing. We'll be bringing you LIVE commentary shortly