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Super League

  • June 13, 2014
  • • 20:45
  • • Tan Sri Dato' Hj Hassan Yunos Stadium, Johor Bahru

Live Commentary

  • That's all from me folks, I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. For more updates on Malaysian football, check out @Goal_MY on Twitter. But beyond that, the World Cup action between Mexico and Cameroon is scheduled for kick off at 12.00 am later, so stay tuned for that!
  • Terengganu were 2-0 up within the first 17 minutes, but a stunning comeback from Johor DT saw them seize a 3-2 lead just before half time. Diaz fired another goal early in the second half to make it 4-2, though Bikana's late goal ensured a nervy ending to the game. Alas, it finished 4-3 in favour of the home side
  • And the final whistle is blown here! Johor DT are back on top of the table, with Selangor losing 2-0 against ATM.
  • 90' + 3'
    Ashaari tries to play Manaf through with a lob pass, but Izham was quick off his line to secure the ball
  • 90' + 2'
    Johor DT are camped inside the own half, forming a resolute defensive line
  • 90'
    Four additional minutes on the clock. More accurately, four minutes for the Turtles to salvage some pride
  • 88'
    The atmosphere has been second to none, as usual in Larkin. Kudos to the Boys of Straits for that
  • 86'
    Bojan Hodak demanding focus from his men! He looks active on the touchlines
  • 85'
    What a match, this has been. The next five minutes should be insanely tense. Terengganu could secure a draw if they score again!
  • 84'
    Goal Vincent Bikana
  • 84'
    Goal Vincent Bikana
    GOAL! Bikana fires Terengganu's third goal with a perfectly executed header!
  • 83'
    SubstitutionNorshahrul Idlan Talaha Irfan Fazail
  • 82'
    Norhakim receives the ball on the right, chests it down and unleashes a shot. However, Izham saves it easily
  • 81'
    SubstitutionMoustapha Dabo Nor Hakim Hassan
  • 80'
    Norshahrul sprints on the right and drives a grounded cross into the box, but Luciano Figueroa fails to connect with ti!
  • 78'
    Dabo shoots from the left flank, but it's deflected off Marcos for a throw in
  • 77'
    Less than 15 minutes left on the clock now. Can Terengganu do the impossible?
  • 75'
    SubstitutionIsmail Faruqi Asha'ri Abdul Manaf Mamat
  • 74'
    Yet another classy build up play from Johor DT, but Amri Yahyah's curling effort misses the top right corner by inches!
  • 74'
    Fadhli attempts a cross field pass towards Amri Yahya, but the latter is ruled out for offisde
  • 73'
    Hariss has certainly done his job in midfield tonight; blocking and intercepting most of Terengganu's forward surges through the middle
  • 71'
    Now it's Karlovic's turn to unleash a piledriver, but this one is no different. Wide off target.
  • 70'
    Amri Yahya with a powerful shot from distance, but sails wide off the post
  • 69'
    SubstitutionJorge Pereyra Diaz Luciano Figueroa
    The hat-rick hero is brought off to a standing ovation. Luciano Figueroa comes on to replace him
  • 68'
    One Terengganu player that has really impressed tonight is Ismail Faruqi. Extremely hardworking on and off the ball
  • 67'
    Solid link up play betwee Safiq, Diaz and Asraruddin there, but Asra is ultimately ruled out for offside
  • 65'
    Smart move from Bojan there, especially when Shakir visibly looked tired. Safiq comes on to slot into the middle of the park.
  • 64'
    SubstitutionShakir Shaari Safiq Rahim
  • 63'
    CLOSE! Karlovic provides a decent delivery into the box, but Bikana's header goes wide off target!
  • 62'
    Free kick for Terengganu on the right. Karlovic stands over the ball
  • 61'
    Terengganu still working hard, but the Johor DT defence has been absolutely resolute in the second half
  • 59'
    Mahali tries to float a cross into the box, but its cleared away by Mazlizam Mohammad
  • 57'
    SubstitutionJavier Estupiñán Romero Mario Karlovic
    Karlovic comes on for the ineffective Estupinan
  • 56'
    I must say that the goal has definitely destroyed the initial momentum that was with Terengganu. Home side are back in the driving seat now
  • 54'
    Ismail Faruqi shoots from the edge of the box, but Izham parries it away
  • 53'
    Goal Jorge Pereyra Diaz
  • 52'
    Goal Jorge Pereyra Diaz
    GOAL! Diaz scores Johor DT's fourth goal of the night from the spot, completing his hat-rick as well!
  • 50'
    Bikana brings down Jorge Diaz inside the box, and the referee points to the spot! Penalty for Johor DT!
  • 49'
    So apparently Selangor are down 1-0 against ATM at the moment. If the results remain as they are now, Johor DT will takeover top spot in the league table
  • 47'
    Terengganu distributing the ball efficiently here so far. Mahali's late goal in the first half has switched the role, Terengganu now in search of the equalizer
  • 46'
    And the second half kicks off here!
  • Stay tuned with us for all the second half updates!
  • And the halftime whistle is blown here in Larkin! We've had an excellent half of football, with five goals in it! Terengganu seized a 2-0 lead within the first 17 minutes, but the home side bounced back and scored three goals to head into the break with a 3-2 lead
  • 45' + 1'
    Norshahrul tries to cross, but its cleared out for a corner kick
  • 45'
    Goal Mahali Jasuli
  • 45'
    Goal Mahali Jasuli
    GOAL! Mahali completes the incredible comeback with a close range finish! Insane stuff here in Larkin!
  • 44'
    Now Sharbinee is down with a knock. Medics are on the pitch once again
  • 43'
    Amri with a cross into the box, but Sharbinee punches it away!
  • 41'
    After a minor check from the medics, Amri stands up, much to the relief of the home fans. Game set to resume here
  • 40'
    Amri Yahya is down with an injury now. Lets hope its nothing too serious. On another note, he has been extremely hardworking tonight
  • 39'
    Momentum is certainly with the home side now, it'll be immense if they are able to nick another goal to put them ahead before half time
  • 37'
    Goal Jorge Pereyra Diaz
  • 37'
    That was an excellent free kick from Diaz; the ball dipped towards the end, leaving Sharbinee helpless
  • 36'
    Goal Jorge Pereyra Diaz
    GOAL! Diaz executes a dipping free kick to slot the ball into the bottom corner and restore parity for Johor DT! Game on, once again!
  • 35'
    Yet another duel between Bikana and Diaz, but this time around, the Argentinean forward is brought down and earned a free kick
  • 33'
    Jorge Diaz collects the ball from Hariss and tries to unleash a grounder from 25 yards away but it's blocked and cleared away by none other than Bikana
  • 32'
    Bikana and Diaz went at it again there, with the former winning the battle and clearing the ball away. Both men have been excellent for their sides thus far
  • 30'
    We've had 30 minutes of end to end stuff here in Larkin. The score remains 2-1, in favour of Terengganu
  • 29'
    Asraruddin crosses into the box from the left flank, but Jorge Diaz's header misses the target by inches. Johor are certainly getting closer here.
  • 26'
    Norfarhan intercepts the ball from Hariss, and threads a through ball for Javier Estupinan, but Fadhli Shas does enough to block the Colombian
  • 25'
    Interesting to note that both sides are playing with excellent fluidity today. No holds barred
  • 23'
    The goal has given them added confidence, as they ooze forward in search of the coveted equalizer.
  • 21'
    Goal Jorge Pereyra Diaz
  • 21'
    That was certainly the sort of response that Johor DT's fans were looking for. Southern Tigers are back in the game
  • 20'
    Goal Jorge Pereyra Diaz
    GOAL! Jorge Diaz reduces the deficit from inside the six-yard box, after an excellent cross from Mahali!
  • 18'
    The Turtles are on fire today! 2-0 up within 17 minutes of the game against Johor DT in their own backyard. Top stuff!
  • 17'
    Goal Mazlizam bin Mohamad
  • 17'
    Goal Nor Farhan Muhammad
    GOAL! Norfarhan doubles their lead with a close range finish! Credits to Ashaari as well, for providing the assist from the left flank!
  • 15'
    CHANCE! Amri retreats to the left and floats a cross into the box, but Sharbinee punches in away. Hariss fires a rebound shot from the edge of the penalty box, but it goes wide!
  • 13'
    Johor DT are totally in control of the ball now, Terengganu are sitting deep in their half
  • 12'
    Amri Yahya tries his luck from distance, but it predictably sails way off target
  • 11'
    Ashaari finds space on the left, but he is ultimately blocked out by Daudsu
  • 10'
    Hariss will be extremely pivotal for Johor DT now, as they push for the equalizer. Terengganu will be afforded space on the counter and Hariss has to sit deep and protect their defence.
  • 7'
    Needless to say, Johor DT are pushing on the offensive now. Amri and Norshahrul showing some excellent link-up play
  • 5'
    What a start for Terengganu. Definitely the sort of response their fans were looking for after their abysmal outing against Selangor. They need to maintain this and continue to frustrate Johor DT
  • 4'
    Goal Moustapha Dabo
  • 3'
    Goal Moustapha Dabo
    GOAL! Dabo puts the away side ahead with a deftly executed free kick from just outside the box! Excellent start for the Turtles!
  • 2'
    Ashaari is brought down at the edge of the box here. Free kick for Terengganu
  • 1'
    Kick off in Larkin!
  • Norfarhan is back in Terengganu's starting eleven; that should be a timely boost for them. As for Johor DT, Amri will be starting alongside Norshahrul and Jorge Diaz upfront in what appears to be an exciting attacking trio
  • After a massive 4-1 defeat at the hands of Selangor last time out, Terengganu will certainly be looking to bounce back in style against Johor DT. For the Southern Tigers, there is all to play for, considering that they are still within reach of the title.
  • LINEUPS :JDT (vs Terengganu) Izham(GK) Asra, Nurshahrul, Hariss, Daudsu, Shakir, Mahali, Amri, Fadhli, Diaz, Antonio
  • LINEUPS: Terengganu (vs JDT) Sharbinee(GK), Bikana, Azlan, Mazlizam, Zubir, Nordin, Ismail, Ashaari, Farhan, Estupinan, Dabo
  • Hello and welcome to Goal Malaysia's Live Text Commentary update of the exciting game between Johor DT and Terengganu. My name is Keeshaanan Sundaresan and I'll be accompanying you tonight!