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Fifa Ballon d'Or LIVE - Messi wins 2012 award, Stoch wins Puskas prize
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Hosted by Miles Chambers.

05:00 MYT


Ladies, gentleman and those who are not sure yet - thank you ever so much for stopping by to read our LIVE coverage of the Ballon d'Or ceremony.

In the end it was Lionel Messi who was triumphant, expected by many due to his phenomenal scoring record in 2012 and ever-growing fame as a phenomenally fantastic footballer.

Stick around on Goal.com for all of the post-award reaction, and be sure to drop by throughout January to catch up on the latest and greatest transfer news stories!

04:55 MYT


Tottenham striker Emmanuel Adebayor will play for Togo in the Africa Cup of Nations!

This is a fairly big deal as it was thought that the former Manchester City and Arsenal forward was having a bit of a tantrum with the national football federation. It seems they kissed and made up!

04:50 MYT


As our time together on this Ballon d'Or LIVE blog draws to a close, I ought to point out a few of the stories that slipped through the net during Lionel Messi's fourth successive award win.

For instance, Didier Drogba has insisted that there has been no contact between him and other clubs over a January transfer!

04:45 MYT


A half-time summary from our play-by-play extraordinaire Tom McKeown: "Mark Yates has a tough team talk on his hands at the break at Whaddon Road. The two goals have taken the sting out of this tie and Everton look like cruising to a comfortable victory.

"Marlon Pack has impressed for Cheltenham, as has Jermaine McGlashan on the right flank, but it has been a thoroughly professional performance so far from David Moyes' men."

04:40 MYT


Away from all the glitz and glamour of Barcelona and Real Madrid trampling over the metaphorical corpses of the rest of football, Everton are winning 2-0 away to Cheltenham Town in the FA Cup.

04:35 MYT


Peter Holden tweets: "Only the 4th Ballon d'Or in a row for Lionel Messi. How long now [sic] before Ronaldo gives up trying to beat him and just attacks him."

Considering how ridiculous it would be? Quite a long time, I feel. Still, this goes nicely with my idea of him plotting nefariously with his sidekick Andres Iniesta, so I'll let this one slide...

04:30 MYT


Still no word from Cristiano Ronaldo after the Ballon d'Or award ceremony.

I like to think the Portuguese is secretly plotting his nemisis' demise in a dark corner of a Zurich tavern. Perhaps with a sidekick. Andres Iniesta would make a great evil sidekick! And what an unlikely match-up...

04:25 MYT


Iker Casillas voted Sergio Ramos - NOT Cristiano Ronaldo - as his Ballon d'Or best player of 2012 vote. Cheeky!

04:20 MYT


Lionel Messi in the 2012 Ballon d'Or winner!

That's just a reminder for those who are late to the party.

04:15 MYT


Hello! All this world football (I'm kidding of course, the Ballon d'Or is now a Spanish league award that invites everybody else so that they don't feel left out) and now a little bit more, this time from ze Germans.

Bayern Munich boss Jupp Heynckes has revealed that he might leave the Allianz Arena in the summer!

04:10 MYT


Greg Stobart remains in Zurich for Goal.com, though his day is winding down. However, he did just find time to shout in the direction of Real Madrid president Florentino Perez, asking if the Blancos were signing Gareth Bale!

The response? "Very good player." Who needs sentences when you're a president of a football club, I guess!

04:05 MYT


Andriy Shevchenko spoke exclusively to our Goal.com reporter Greg Stobart earlier, and you can read those quotes in full, flowing fluidity right here. Or here. But not here.

04:00 MYT


I'm spoilt for choice when it comes to sharing Lionel Messi photos. I'm spoilt like one of those babies that keeps getting fed his favourite chocoate ice cream, every dinner time. I'm enjoying it, but all this Messi/ice cream overload probably isn't healthy!

In this pic (for the refreshers amongst you) Messi is doing his best impressive of a kid who's eaten too much ice cream as he stands there with his brand new golden ball!

03:55 MYT


I teased and tantalised you lovely lot with some Lionel Messi magic earlier (magic meaning quotes, I didn't make that at all clear, apologies!) but now it's time for the REAL DEAL. A Messi article with a headline, and a picture, and quotes, and full stops, and odd little adverts at the bottom, and a comment section with angry Real Madrid fans (probably), and everything.

03:50 MYT


England used to have a fair few players up there in the mix to win Ballon do'Or awards and trophies of that individual ilk. Nowadays, it's like a switch has flicked and everyone's suddenly lost interest.

The only Three Lions player to make the top 23 was Wayne Rooney with a tiny 0.39 per cent of the vote!

03:45 MYT


Xavi was nearly 7 per cent off Andres Iniesta this year in Ballon d'Or nominations. In other words, he was nowhere flipping near. Which is a bit unlucky for him, I guess, as he was nominated in the last three!

03:40 MYT


Fun fact: The highest-placed Premier League player in the Ballon d'Or voting system this year was Robin van Persie, in ninth!

However, the Manchester United man was beaten by one place by Didier Drogba, who earned his nomination for his time spent with Chelsea in the former half of the year (surely?!).

03:35 MYT


You can read all about the Puskas award winner, Miroslav Stoch, right here!

The Puskas award goes to the best goal of the year, for those who don't know or had forgotten.

03:31 MYT


Some properly brilliant stats are about to be dropped regarding who voted for who in the Ballon d'Or.

For instance, Thailand's coach voted for Sergio Busquets as the best player on the planet!

03:26 MYT


Regular Goal.com contributor Michael Yokhin has tweeted a mock back-up to the Fifa's Best XI of 2012, which is made up entirely of Barcelona and Real Madrid players!

He tweeted: "FIFPro World Reserve XI: Valdes, Arbeloa, Puyol, Alba, Busquets, Khedira, Ozil, Di Maria, Benzema, Pedro.

"FIFPro World Third XI: Adan, Montoya, Carvalho, Varane, Abidal, Modric, Essien, Fabregas, Villa, Higuain, Tello."