Caf suspend semi-final referee and Burkina Faso appeal Pitroipa's red card

Burkina Faso lodged an appeal to Caf in an attempt to have Jonathan Pitroipa's red card rescinded, while the governing body also suspended the referee of their match against Ghana
Caf are suspending Tunisian referee Slim Jdidi for his poor officiating in the semi-final between Ghana and Burkina Faso on Wednesday night.

General secretary of Caf Hicham El Amrani confirmed the suspension to the media.

"Caf was not happy with the standard of refereeing in the match," he said. "We know they can make mistakes, but we expected a better level of refereeing. They are graded on each performance and, based on his marks, the referee from Tunisia is now suspended for a period of time still to be determined," he added.

Burkina Faso lodged an official appeal to Caf on Thursday, in order to regain Jonathan Pitroipa's services for the Africa Cup of Nations final on Saturday.

Caf will make their final decision on Friday according to secretary general Hicham El Amrani.

"There is a meeting tomorrow (Friday) but you have to understand that the referee’s report is final and so if he doesn’t make mention of having made a mistake, it stays that way," says Amrani.

"The other referee Bennett (Daniel) mentioned in his report that he made a mistake in issuing out a yellow card to the wrong player, which is why the yellow card was rescinded in that instance."

The influential forward has been an instrumental force for the Staliions during their run to the final, but was unfairly yellow-carded for simulation by referee Slim Jdidi during Burkina Faso's semi-final triumph over Ghana. The card meant he had received his second booking of the match resulting in a controversial sending-off.

Team manager Gualbert Kabore told AFP, "The Burkina faso Football Federation wrote an offical letter of appeal to Caf (competition organisers).

"We lodged it in the two hours after the match as stipulated by the regulations. We think we have a good chance of winning the appeal."

Kabore echoed Paul Put's words following the Stallions emphatic win, admonishing Jdidi's poor performance.

"There were some scandalous decisions, we don't know why, we're asking lots of questions, there are lots of theories," said Kabore.

"Curiously, the players reacted better than us (the team management). They said if the referee is against us that must mean we are the stronger side."