Boca Juniors export football ethos to Indian market

Boca Juniors has launched an academy in Bangalore making it the first Latin American club to establish a year-round football school in India.

The Press Trust of India reported that the Buenos Aires giant plans to take its football school concept around India, with the city of Bangalore being its first destination. The school will be run on an ongoing basis throughout the year and provide training to students through weekly classes following Boca Juniors methodology. These classes would be administered by Boca coaches, while periodic football camps, customised school camps and corporate training and events will also be staged.

Boca Juniors chairman Daniel Angelici said: “We are thrilled to bring the Boca Juniors Football School to India. Football is growing in popularity in India year by year and we strongly believe we can play a role in developing the sport. This is great for the country and for the game. Our style of football is completely different to the rest of the world and we hope to pass this on to the young generation here.”

Angelici added: “It needs to be positive, inclusive, structured and above all create a fun and safe learning environment in order to nurture young talent and help players exceed their potential.”