Vojvodina chief in plea for stadium investment

Serbian top-tier team Vojvodina Novi Sad will be forced to withdraw from European competition next season unless local authorities in the city invest in stadium improvements, according to the club’s president, Ratko Butorovic.

Butorovic said that Vojvodina, which is currently third in the domestic table and in line to qualify for at least a place in the Europa League preliminary rounds, would not be allowed to compete in European competition due to the state of its stadium. The 12,000-capacity Karadjordje stadium has been partly refurbished in recent years, according to Reuters, but various facilities at the venue are still in need of a revamp.

“We will be able to play only one home game if we finish third in the league and none if we win the cup because our dilapidated stadium falls short of UEFA standards,” Butorovic told the B92 website. “The changing rooms, the anti-doping test room, the delegates’ room and other facilities were deemed sub-standard by UEFA.”

He added: “We will not move to another city to play our European matches because that would be unfair to our fans and I honestly hope the city authorities will jump to our rescue because the city of Novi Sad owns the stadium, not the club.”