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Farouk Yarma: Nigerian clubs will benefit from Soccerex seminar

Farouk Yarma: Nigerian clubs will benefit from Soccerex seminar

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General Manager of Gombe United in the Nigeria Premier League reveals what the team stands to benefit from the current Soccerex seminar in Lagos

Farouk Yarma, General Manager of Gombe United, said at the 2012 Soccerex seminar in Lagos that Nigerian clubs stand to benefit from the expo currently going on.

Yarma told that it is a good thing the seminar is coming at a time when Nigerian clubs need a new direction.

"I am sure all the clubs are here at the seminar in Lagos," said Yarma to

"I have certainly learnt something on the first day. In Gombe State there is a new awareness that is enveloping sports especially football and we are tapping into what Soccerex has got to offer.

"I have seen a lot of Nigerian clubs at the seminar and there is a great advantage coming for the event. I listened to a lot of speakers on the first day and I must say they did their best.

"I took down notes and I am eager to start a gradual implementation of some of the things that I learnt from the seminar.

"Football will take a turn for the better and Gombe United will enjoy the benefits of my participation at the Soccerex," Yarma added.