Kroos praises 'role model' Sammer

The midfielder is keen to compliment the former sweeper's contribution since his summer arrival, while captain Philipp Lahm believes the Bavarians can dominate this season
Toni Kroos has spoken of his respect for Matthias Sammer, who he believes has made a positive impact on Bayern Munich's fortunes.

The Germany international was voted man of the match in his side's 2-0 win over Schalke, scoring the breakthrough goal, and while he is still targeting further improvement in his game, the presence of the former DFB technical director at the Allianz Arena makes his development easier to undertake.

"Matthias Sammer radiates something that is especially important for young players." Kroos explained to Kicker. "He is the one who can get the last few per cent out of us.

"He is a role model, and his mode of thinking is important for us as I'm still trying to improve my game."

Philipp Lahm, meanwhile, is confident that Bayern can be a force this season, despite the continual rotation between their extensive attacking options.

"There is a core that is always playing with a few exceptions - that's normal." he reasoned. "But the fact we can change our options is a very good thing.

"If we have a good ground plan and everyone is functioning optimally, then we can dominate any opponent."