Dortmund fans to boycott Hamburg trip

The BVB faithful feel ticket prices at the Imtech Arena are unfair to visiting supporters, and have planned a protest to make their feelings known about the matter
Borussia Dortmund will have to make do without the support of 1,000 fans for Saturday's game at Hamburg, as they prepare to stage a boycott against high ticket prices.

The cheapest available tickets for away supporters are €19, whereas HSV charge €14 for matches against 'lesser' teams, and fans of the Bundesliga champions are unhappy with the price discrimination.

Therefore, a considerable section of 7,000 travelling BVB fans will leave the stadium immediately after the first whistle to express their dismay - a course of action that coach Jurgen Klopp believes benefits no-one.

"It would be a strong action from the fans. However, there are no winners in this scenario," he told reporters.

Tickets for visiting fans at Dortmund start at €15.30, regardless of the opponents.