SFL propose new three-tier league system in Scotland

The Scottish Football League's plan to reorganise the league system has been unanimously supported by 30 SFL clubs, but SPL sides are unlikely to agree to the proposals
The Scottish Football League have proposed a new three-tier league system that would expand the country’s top division.

The 30 SFL clubs have unanimously voted in favour of a three-tier structure of 16, 10 and 16 teams for the 2014-15 season.

The plan would involve a merger between the SFL and the Scottish Premier League, and would require agreement from the SPL and the Scottish FA.

Much like England’s league structure, its top-flight would be called the Premier Division, it’s second division the Championship and the third would be called the First Division.

The plans also include the introduction of promotion and relegation play-offs for all three divisions, with the 13th and 14th placed sides in the Premier Division entering a play-off with the third and fourth ranked sides in the Championship.

SFL chief executive David Longmuir had originally proposed the idea of second sides from Celtic and Rangers being added to the bottom tier (like in the Spain), but that has been vetoed.

The SPL currently has 12 teams and would be expanded to 16, though the league’s own governing body already has its own plan for expansion.

SPL sources have suggested that there is little chance of the SFL getting the 11-1 majority they would require however, with few top-tier clubs in favour of the proposal.