Kenya FA: Sony points belong to AFC Leopards’

Football Kenya Federation insists KPL were right to award AFC Leopards’ points of aborted fixture and dismisses IDCC's decision to order for replay
By Dennis Mabuka/Chief Editor

Football Kenya Federation have revealed that Kenyan Premier League were right to award AFC Leopards’ points of aborted league match against Sony Sugar and that the decision will not be reversed.

Kenya FA President Sam Nyamweya on Saturday exclusively revealed to Goal that the decision to award Ingwe three points and two goals was final and that no replay will take place as ordered by Independent Disciplinary and Complaints Committee.

“We (FKF) wrote to Sony Sugar on two occasions asking they get an alternative venue but they did not respond. The first letter was sent almost eight days before match day and we followed it again with another because it was a high risk fixture that could not be held at the sugar millers' facility over security concerns.

“Against Gor Mahia it was a similar case. We asked Sony to get an alternative pitch and they opted for Afraha Stadium in Nakuru. So why was it difficult for the club to get another venue for AFC Leopards’ match?”

Nyamweya continued, “As a federation we don’t advocate for boardroom decisions but in this case Sony Sugar made a big mistake and must be punished for the same. KPL’s decision to award AFC Leopards’ the match will stand and we will have no replay in Awendo.”

Nyamweya accused IDCC of reaching at a ruling without consulting federation, who are custodians of the sport in the country. “IDCC should have sought for our opinion as FKF before making known their decision to demand for a replay. We are part and parcel of the sport and it could have been ideal that they seek for our judgment but that was not the case.”

On Thursday, IDCC overturned KPL’s decision to award AFC Leopards’ points arguing that the designation of matches as “high risk” must be fair, and must not favour any club and ordered for a replay at Awendo Green Stadium before end of the season.

The committee also ordered KPL to reimburse AFC Leopards' expenses it incurred in relation to the duel. “In this respect, AFC Leopards' shall present to Kenyan Premier League proof of said expenses by August 29, 2014,” IDCC further stated.

AFC Leopards’ have also vowed not to replay Sony Sugar insisting they will fight to protect points awarded by KPL. “It was an unfair decision which we will contest. We did everything right and we must not be punished. The venue we were being asked to play in was out-lawed by both FKF and KPL,” Ingwe secretary George Aladwa said.

The Independent Disciplinary and Complaints Committee is the tribunal for resolving disputes in the game of football managed under auspices of Kenyan Premier League Limited.