Predict World Cup scores and win with Nivea Men and Goal

Let your knowledge of football translate into prize winning by predicting the scoreline in upcoming World Cup fixtures and walking away with a Nivea Men hamper
Nivea Men and Goal have teamed up to reward readers with Nivea Men Stress Protect hampers for predicting the correct scores for matches taking place at this year's World Cup, currently ongoing in Brazil.

The 2014 World Cup has been a barnstorming event thus far, and continues to provide a variety of surprises, with many goals scored in the group stages of the tournament, and the second round showing a more defensive emphasis from the competing nations.

With the quarter-finals now upon us, Goal users will be given the chance to predict the scores of the remaining encounters, with those who get them right entered into a draw to win prizes from Nivea Men.

Nivea is giving away hampers of Nivea Men Stress Protect products, and the lucky winners will be notified via their Facebook profiles, and announced on the site. To enter the competition, Goal readers will need to send a message to the Goal Kenya Facebook page, predicting the scores of the games below, and competitors need to have at least one of their predictions correct in order to qualify for the draw. Remember to enter the competition and predict only if you live in Kenya.

The Goal Kenya Facebook page can be found here:

A selection of correct predictions will then be shortlisted in a draw, and the winners will be contacted for their details, so that prizes can be distributed. Winners will also be announced on the Goal Kenya Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as on the site.

The first draw took place following the end of the second round matches, with winners taking away some excellent Nivea hampers. Now that the quarter-final matches are here, readers will need to provide predictions for the following matches ahead of the kick off times: 

France - Germany

Brazil - Colombia

Netherlands - 
Costa Rica

Belgium - Argentina

Goal Kenya is proud to be associated with Nivea Men, and we look forward to rewarding readers for their football intelligence.